Past Events

Bringing Landscapes to Life: Oil and Acrylic Painting from Photos
February 8 – 9th, 2020, North Vancouver, BC

Have you ever struggled to capture the real essence and feeling of your landscape photos on canvas?
In this workshop, you will learn how to create distinctive, unique paintings from your own photos that reflect all the magic of time and place.

In the morning of each day you will define why and how you want to paint this particular landscape, exploring the mood, colour, edges and marks that will help to convey your concept. You will experiment with composition, consider values and perspective, and explore techniques to bring your vision to life.

In the afternoon you will develop your painting on a larger canvas. After the morning’s exploration, you will have researched the possibilities for your painting and decided on your course of action. Now on this larger canvas you will be able to paint with freedom and joy allowing your personal style to emerge.

Through this 2-day workshop you will learn through a variety of demos, explanation, and one-on-one support from Sue as you work in your choice of acrylic or oil from your own photos.


 FCA Retreat 2019
September 3 – 8th, 2019, Bamfield, BC

The Federation Retreat is the largest educational and social event of the year, hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists.

The 2019 Retreat takes place in beautiful Bamfield, British Columbia. Based at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, you’ll experience some of the most breathtaking plein air painting locations the West Coast has to offer.

In the company of our Master Instructors, you’ll spend your days creating, painting and developing your skills, while painting en plein air.

In the evenings, you’ll have the opportunity to join your peers for a variety of fun social events or take the time to relax and explore your surroundings.




Opus Demo – The Joy of Travel Sketching
Saturday April 13, 2019, Coquitlam, BC

With lightweight and compact supplies, Sue Cowan will show you how she enjoys using small sketchbook journals with pencil, pen and watercolour while travelling.

Sue will show some of her personal journals, share her favourite supplies and tips and demonstrate different techniques for making these sketches.

Artists of all levels of experience can enjoy recording their impressions of a moment in time and place whether travelling the world or in their local park. Later on, these personal sketches bring back vivid memories of time well spent exploring the world.

Visit for details.


Federation Gallery ShowOff – Live Painting Event & Fundraiser
March 9, 2019, Vancouver, BC

SHOWOFF is a night of art and entertainment where 4 artists came together to create one-of-a-kind p

ieces. Working from the same reference source under a time restriction, each artist was to create something unique, flavoured with their own style.

At the end of the night, the finished pieces were auctioned off with the proceeds split between the participating artists and the Federation.


Free Demo at Opus Coquitlam
Pastel Portrait from Life

Sunday, October 14
Morning and Afternoon Demonstrations
Contact Opus Coquitlam for details.