Celtic Stones

Reflecting back on my childhood in Scotland has made me aware of two significant Celtic Stone Scottish elements that differ from our West Coast landscape and culture. First is stone. In Scotland, stone is everywhere; in buildings, streets, walls, and “auld stane dykes”, the old stone fences that have withstood the weather for centuries without the aid of mortar. Second is a sense of history, of people leaving their mark on the land.

“Celtic Stones” is about ancient stones, with eroded fragments of Celtic crosses, knotwork and spiral patterns, reflecting these important aspects of my personal heritage. To conjure up the tactile feel of stone walls, built and rebuilt over time, I created textured surfaces with a collage of sand, sawdust and torn paper. Then I built the paint surface with multiple thin layers of transparent and opaque acrylic paint. This series is prompted by an internal and emotional stimulus. It differs from my other work which is more realistic in style.